Tuesday 21 January 2014

And we played...

I realised I haven't blogged about the fantastic start to 'Unleash your inner Comedy Hero' last week.

Marauding Micheal, Hopelessly Happy Hattie, Lippy Lesley, Cheerful Charlotte, Momma-bear Martina, Daring Dave, Jumping (Stumble) Josh, Tumultuous Tristan, Juicy Jenni, Oscillating Oli, Mak the Knife, Splendid Steve, Silacious Steve, Super Sarah, Kicking Katherine. What a great bunch.

As usual 'Yes, And' produced some far fetched journeys. Starting with lets go get some ice cream and some going to space, filming their exploits, feeding ducks, a lot of eating (I think a few participants may skipped supper) a mission around Torteval and back again. We had some topical discussions on Jersey with an expert. A very strange demonstration of hairless chicken knitting. That was just the first half.

We ended the evening with some rounds of 'Short, shorter, shortest'. This game involves the actors playing out a normal scene. Then replaying the scene in half the time, then again in half of that time, then in half the time and lastly in 3 seconds.
It's always a very high energy game to end off a class because the actors race around the stage desperately trying to repeat their blocking, with more and more hysteria as the replays progress. What I enjoy seeing is the barebones of the scene emerge. In each replay more fluff is lost, until you are left with just the skeleton of the scene. I suppose if we were using improv during rehearsal we could sit and pick apart what the scene was really about by seeing what markers we choose to keep in that final replay. Perhaps the pen ultimate replay. The final three second replay is, without fail, just pure mayhem and screaming, so there isn't much to decipher from that one.

So a great introduction to Improv.

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