Sunday 8 May 2016

Sarah's Swan Song

Join us on Wednesday 11th of May 8pm at the Princess Royal Centre for the Performing Arts for Guernsey Improbables improv comedy show. This will be the last time for the near future to watch Sarah improvise as she will be hanging up her improv boots to take up her position as a Deputy.
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Thursday 18 February 2016

March Comedy

After our fabulous sold out show in December (a snippet can be seen here ) we're back at the Princess Royal Centre for the Performing Arts on Wednesday 23rd of March.

Performing our own improv format called 'Fluff or Forfeit' which involves the same audience suggestions played out but with the twist that the audience decides at the end if the actors played to the rules and if not the director has to perform a forfeit.

After 2 years of ridiculously low price of £6, we've bowed to economic pressures and brought ticket prices up to £8. Our funny five offer is now £35 for 5 tickets and Student/conc tickets £6.
Block booking are always welcome (we can think of nothing more fun than sharing the laughter with your friends) so if you have something in mind contact us direct

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