Tuesday 22 April 2014

Quick Sale!

To celebrate our Facebook page getting so much love we've decided to give the first 20 people to buy ticket online a discounted ticket, so nab them now folks before they're gone and we have to cry in your fish bowl.


See you on the 30th April 8pm at the Wicked Wolf

Wednesday 2 April 2014

New Shows Lined UP!

There are TWO new shows lined up already for Guernsey Improbables.

Wednesday 30th of April at the Wicked Wolf, we will be creating another unique improvised show. With every show being different there are already a number of devoted fans who are signing up to see the next performance. Book Tickets for this show here

And we're very excited to be included in the amazing line up of this years Sure Festival of Comedy. Tuesday 3rd of June at The Rocquettes. Get Tickets here! 

If you're still unsure here's a little taster of some of the highlights of the show on Wednesday 26th of March.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Guernsey Improbables are a hit!!!

On Wednesday 26th March Guernsey Improbables launched their professional Improv Comedy show at the Wicked Wolf to a packed out audience of 150 people!

Here are some action photos captured by Tim Park

Watch your ladder!
Just fastening your arm down before I cut it off
'I never knew it was so smaaaaaalll!!!'
I can fly!

Just your everyday scene in a brothel under a Volcano trying on a fossilised bra, oh and it's SCI FI

Release the Improbables

On Tuesday and Wednesday 18th and 19th of March, the Wicked wolf played host to the two Graduation showcases of Guernsey Improbables.

With 12 new players completing the course there was a packed out line up that did not disappoint. Beautiful characters and stories as well as a laughed out audience who were so excited most of them came along to the next night and the following weeks launch of the professional group.

Guernsey has definitely caught the Improv Comedy bug.

Highlights include the amazing Caitlin and Andrew in a beautiful and hysterical look inside the kitchen at Buckingham Palace where they had to include a mullet somewhere and a secret turtle.