Monday 14 July 2014

Friday's Double Bill of Fun!

On Friday night the Guernsey Improbables packed out the Wicked Wolf again!

The evening started off with a opening showcase from those who have been coming to the Drop in classes (nicknamed 'The Improbabobs') Harry Billington made her debut on the Improbables stage, joined by Tim 'one hand' Park, Hattie 'the giggles' Birch, Tristan 'thumbs up' Boscher and Beaky 'Diesel drinker' Beacom.
And after their hilarity The Guernsey Improbables took to stage and for the first time flying by the seats of their pants and choosing random games from the hat. This means that there really is no way to second guess or plan ahead, you are literally thrown into the game and are forced to be in the moment which is the best place to be to improvise.
And it showed with some absolutely crazy moments and an audience that was belly laughing their way through the show.
The best bit was it was all in aid of The Hub and some of their staff got to come along and get a good laugh in too, so winners all round.