Monday 27 October 2014

More Shows for the Silly Season!

After we celebrate our fabulous second birthday on 26th of November in style with a whole bunch of fabulous improvisers, we'll be gearing up for festive nights out.

Our new format Fluff or Forfeit which involves five of our most experienced improvisers directing their own scenes. The audience decides whether they get Fluff or a forfeit (which could include making them do anything, like replay the scene in interpretive dance) Wednesday 17th of December!

Then for the first time in Guernsey we bring you ImprobaBELTERS! the improvised musical. Sunday 21st of December!

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Book for the SHOWS!

We're thrilled about our new venue, The Fermain Tavern!
Wed 15th October, a full show with Guernsey's first Impro Jam after the show (open to anyone who would like to give the scenes a go!)
And celebrating our second birthday on Wednesday 26th of November.