Thursday, 1 June 2023

Ready for Stand-up! And Improv double bill?

Starting in June a new Stand-up Comedy workshop is launching. And for those improvisers who have done the Improbables course before can come to the Improv drop sessions and get your laughter muscles warmed up before the Stand-up workshop.

Every Thursday from 15th June to 20th July. 

- Improv drop in 6-7:45pm

- Stand-up Comedy workshop 8-9:45pm 

The stand up comedy workshop over 6 weeks to get you up on your feet with your own five minutes of original material.

The workshop will take you through the process of developing your own material and discovering your own comedy style.

Over the six sessions you will:

- Discover your unique comedy voice

- Write and workshop a five minute ‘set’

- Develop your comic timing

- Work on your stage presence and delivery

- Microphone technique

- Be stage ready for Guernsey’s first homegrown ‘Stand up Showcase’

The workshop will run on Thursday evenings from 15th June. 8-9:45pm at the Castel Douzaine room.

The cost is £60.

Season ticket to Improv Drop in is £50 and 

Combined ticket for both workshops is £90

The course will be run by improv comedy veteran Sarah Hansmann. As well as years of experience performing and teaching improv comedy, Sarah toured South Africa as one of the top comics from the Cape Comedy Collective, appearing on tv, headlining festivals and promotional tours. Sarah has developed this 6 week course, which is a first for Guernsey, in the hopes of getting the local stand up comedy scene up and running.

Saturday, 18 March 2023


Over the last nine weeks anyone peeking through the windows of the Castel Douzaine room may have been intrigued by the guffaws and antics taking place because Guernsey Improbables have been running their ‘Improvise your joy back!’ course. As one of the participants Diana Hurwitz put it, ‘Every class has been an uproariously good time as we all play improv games together, letting loose and laughing.’


Another participant Kaelan Le Page said, ‘Over the last couple of months, I have well and truly improvised my joy back. I cannot wait to showcase our newly found skills to an auidience next week! It’s a real buzz knowing the laughter we’ve had over previous weeks will now be shared outside of the classroom.’


To round off the end of such a successful course, twelve of the graduates of the course will be joined on stage by Improv veterans Sarah Hansmann and Oliver Bailey-Davies in a showcase performance. The two professional performers will be leading teams of improvisers in a series of ‘competitive’ theatre games, creating scenes using suggestions from the audience.  Joined, too, by local award-winning composer Lydia Jane Pugh, who will be creating a soundtrack to the evenings sketches as they happen and adding her musical flare to the made-up mayhem.


Sarah, who has been running the course, had this to say about the upcoming showcase, ‘There’s always so much positivity that comes out of these courses, but the next step really is to perform it for an audience. For the performers, they’ve been immersed in this joyful experience and performing it with direct feedback from an audience is truly special. For the audience, it’s different to any other theatre because they have control as it is based on their suggestions. You could see a Game of Thrones type drama, set in a bank with a retired ormer farmer, the possibilities are endless. At the end of the evening they have had a unique experience which will never be repeated’


The showcase takes place at the Princess royal Centre for the Performing Arts on Thursday the 23rd of March, 7:30pm. Tickets are £10 available or by calling the box office on 01481 229999.

Friday, 25 November 2022

 New Year New Course

Why not beat the January blues by joining the funnest Thursday in Guernsey. Starting January 12th for 8 weeks, improv veteran Sarah Hansmann will be taking you through the steps to be a better improviser.

Book now to avoid crying into your porridge on cold dark January nights.

Book here Ticketsource

Tuesday, 24 May 2022


Guernsey Improbables are returning to the stage live and in person! Celebrating with a fantastic double bill of made up mayhem using suggestions from the audience. The opening half will be the latest graduates of the ‘Improvise bill your joy back’ course and the second half will see a return of some of our old favourite players. We will also be joined by a brand new musical improviser adding the soundtrack to the evening.

We are also delighted to be the first show in the newly launched Kerry Luscombe Studio Theatre. 

Saturday, 8 January 2022

Improvise your joy back!

This January join the Improbables in our new course. It’s a new year filled with cobwebs of the last two years and we could certainly use the unbridled joy of ‘playing’ and making things up so get your joy boots on and make the leap. The first session is on the 27th of January. Booking is essential so reserve your place or by contacting Sarah on

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sarah's Swan Song

Join us on Wednesday 11th of May 8pm at the Princess Royal Centre for the Performing Arts for Guernsey Improbables improv comedy show. This will be the last time for the near future to watch Sarah improvise as she will be hanging up her improv boots to take up her position as a Deputy.
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Thursday, 18 February 2016

March Comedy

After our fabulous sold out show in December (a snippet can be seen here ) we're back at the Princess Royal Centre for the Performing Arts on Wednesday 23rd of March.

Performing our own improv format called 'Fluff or Forfeit' which involves the same audience suggestions played out but with the twist that the audience decides at the end if the actors played to the rules and if not the director has to perform a forfeit.

After 2 years of ridiculously low price of £6, we've bowed to economic pressures and brought ticket prices up to £8. Our funny five offer is now £35 for 5 tickets and Student/conc tickets £6.
Block booking are always welcome (we can think of nothing more fun than sharing the laughter with your friends) so if you have something in mind contact us direct

See you there.... BOOK HERE