Wednesday 17 April 2013

Spreading the Improv addiction

The next full improv course is on its way and I can't wait! Teaching the full course is so fulfilling and getting to see those first steps into improv is definitely worth it.

I'm getting loads of interest and trying to work around peoples schedules so it can be a jam packed team that continues bringing improvised comedy to the masses.

I asked the last lot for some comments on how they felt the course went for them and they were not short of witty replies;

  • 'It’s great to play ‘lets pretend’ and still keep my clothes on.'
  • Unleash your inner gobbledygook! Fine-tune your powers of faking it!
  • You're an elephant with a limp in it's ear being interviewed about fruit dentistry! You're a paranoid pilot flying a chalk board across the Mississippi! You're about to sing a famous song about from the Middle Ages about modern technology! You're improvising!
And of course from Tristan,
'Unleash your creativity and imagination by joining Improbables Guernsey, our first course in the Autumn was thoroughly enjoyable, Wednesday nights became a highlight of the week, initially scary just making theatre up on the spot but the course gives a great insight into the techniques and templates of improvised drama and once you learn that anything goes and you must go with it you're in for a fantastic time! Having performed scripted drama for 20 years there was nothing more nerve wrecking than getting up in front of a packed audience and not having a clue what was going to come from our collective minds to amuse and entertain, such an adrenalin filled thrill and I cannot wait to do it again!'

So watch this space.

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