Tuesday 30 April 2013

First Night of the New Course

I'm always filled with trepidation before a new course, even after doing it for so long. There's always a moment of fear before hand. Will I be able to do it? Will they get it? What if there's no trust?

And then we start and it all starts falling gently into place. Last night was no exception. Some old faces and some new and some new old faces.

It never ceases to amaze me how with just a simple exercise of 'Yes, and' people start creating such amazing stories. I like to get them to do 'No, but' after they've spun a fantastic story with 'Yes, and' with only one of the pair saying 'no, but'. Usually after having to call stop after the 'Yes, and' while everyone runs away with their stories the 'No, but' exercise fizzles out as the stories just can't take off. Last night 'No, but' didn't fizzle out as quickly as usual. In fact one couple seemed to be getting in a duel with both getting more and more inventive with reasons not to agree. (Very entertaining to watch. I can't wait for the same two to get into a scene with the same enthusiasm for building a story)

I got to spend the night laughing out loud. Some excellent new talent joining the group with different expertise to add. I can't wait for next week when we explore narrative. So many stories that would never exist if that particular group of people hadn't come into contact.

More please.

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