The Players

Super (un)Subtle Sarah
Sarah studied a Performers in Speech and Drama at the University of Cape Town. After graduating she joined Theatresports Cape Town (now known as Improguise). In between making stuff up, she was involved in international adverts, cameo roles in Sitcoms and Stand-up Comedy live and on TV. She is the founder of Edinburgh Improbables and now Guernsey Improbables. She runs workshops for both actors and non-actors using Applied Improvisation skills to help people communicate better in both life and on stage. In her spare time she tries to avoid poo missiles from her two children and enjoys practicing her faces on unsuspecting passers by.

Stephen 'internal monologue' Rouxel

Stephen is a Guernsey local who went and studied Theatre Production at Queen Margarets University in Edinburgh and like many young Guerns, returned to work in the Finance industry. Stephen formed part of the Edinburgh Improbables. No stranger to the Guernsey stage, Stephen has been performing in productions since he was fourteen. Steve played Capt. Hook, Gaston, Mr Bumble and Richard Hannay in GADOC productions. Stephen's favourite hobby is farting and seeing the reaction on his wife and children's faces. 

Obscure Innuendo Olli
Oliver trained at The Academy Drama School where he was awarded a scholarship from The Stage newspaper. Co-founder of Show Don't Tell theatre company. He is an experienced Drama tutor who is currently shaping the minds of future actors at CFE. Recently moved to Guernsey we're hoping to keep him here with bribes of Salted caramel ice cream and no mention of the Paisley thongs. (A hint of freshly cooked pan au chocolate won't go amiss.)
Favourite Quote - "Education is an admirable thing but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.” – Oscar Wilde

Curiousity Caitlin

Cailtin studied acting at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and has recently returned to the dark side by joining Guernsey Improbables and enjoys making stuff up. Caitlin has recently joined the ranks of fantastic teachers shaping young minds in Guernsey between making stuff up with the Improbables. She enjoys pretending to be a secret drinker... of lemonade and has been heard to say 'if life hands you lemons, crack open the gin!'

Dippy Dave

Dave trained in physical theatre at East 15 acting school. B.A. Black belt martial artist. Break dance teacher at Drama Speaks and GATE.
His claim to fame is being in a mark Ronson video"the bike song"
Best film job: "Babes with blades" actor stuntman. Favourite ice cream : mint chic chip
On his off days he enjoys running around in his marvel superheroes boxers and superman onesie. 'Running water never grows stale. ' is a quote he lives by.

Loopy Lyrical Lydia

Lydia is the Improbable's musical improviser. She studied BA in Music (Performing Arts) at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), and MA in Composition at Leeds College of Music. 
She works as a singer/performer, private music tutor and freelance composer. 
Favourite Sound: A piano being tuned ('no joke, it sooooooothes me') 
Known for: An uncanny ability to impersonate Ozzy Osbourne.
In her spare time she has been known to secretly lick things and tackle furry bears to steel their boots.

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