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At Guernsey Improbables, we offer a range of improv courses designed to cater to various levels of experience and interests—from complete beginners to seasoned performers. Whether you're looking to enhance your spontaneity, learn the art of stand-up comedy, or apply improv techniques in your workplace, we have a course for you.

Beginners Improv Course

Start Date: TBC
Duration: 8 weeks
Features: Culminates in an optional live performance
Description: Open to anyone eager to explore the joy of spontaneous creativity in a safe and fun environment. This course starts with the basics of improvisation, gradually building skills in narrative creation, character development, and more.

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Corporate Improv Training

Description: Tailored to the needs of professionals, our corporate workshops are perfect for team-building, enhancing communication skills, and injecting creativity into the workplace.

Stand-Up Comedy Course

Diving into a completely different realm of comedy, this course focuses on writing and performing stand-up comedy. Perfect for those looking to sharpen their wit and learn the nuances of comedic timing and delivery. Launched in 2023 the first sold out course culminated in a wild sold out performance at the St James Hall. Follow us on Facebook for updates on the next course.

Courses for Schools

We bring the excitement and educational benefits of improv directly into the classroom. Our school programs are designed to promote teamwork, confidence, and creative thinking among students.

Drop-In Classes

Availability: Currently by invitation only
Frequency: Weekly
Eligibility: Those with some improv experience or who have completed the beginners course
Contact: Email Sarah for details

Advanced Courses

Level 2 Course

Launching This Year: For those who have completed the beginners course and wish to deepen their improv skills.

Musical Improv Comedy Course

Description: Explore the harmonious blend of music and comedy, creating spontaneous songs and musical scenes. Ideal for those looking to add a melodic twist to their improv abilities.

About Your Instructor: Sarah Hansmann

Sarah’s extensive background includes training with improvisation legends and founding multiple improv groups globally. From her early days with Cape Town's award-winning Improguise players of Theatresports™ to founding 'The Edinburgh Improbables' and now leading 'The Guernsey Improbables', Sarah brings a wealth of experience and a personalized teaching approach to each course. Her sessions incorporate invaluable insights gained from studying with Keith Johnstone and are crafted to unleash each participant's creativity and spontaneity.

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Things People have Said

Gordon Craig - Edinburgh (Animator and Amateur actor)

'Sarah's experience and competency were apparent from the first session she held for us. After a series of well structured workshops she had trained us all from complete novices into confident performers who went on to put on several favourably reviewed shows under her captaincy. Her knowledge of the various games in the theatre sports repertoire seems to be boundless and the feedback she gives at the end of each game is fair and valuable. The skills which we learned through participating on Sarah's course have helped us not only on stage but also in life. You'll find that, when faced with a surprising scenario, following the simple rules of improv will provide you with the confidence and conversational skills necessary to cope.'

Caroline Mathison - Edinburgh (Actress and Drama practioner)
'I was a bit apprehensive about going along to improv at first, as the idea of standing up in front of other people with no idea what you're going to do was daunting to say the least! However, Sarah's energy, enthusiasm and guidance made it a fun, friendly and very safe environment in which to play, take risks and learn new principles and skills.
As someone with a fair bit of previous performance experience and training, taking part in the improv group definitely helped me to be more open, spontaneous and vulnerable on stage, but it also boosted my general confidence to just 'go for' things in my everyday life.
All in all, improv made me a better all-round performer and a more confident individual - and gave me loads of laughs along the way!'

Jon Davey (Professional Photographer and writer)
'As someone who learnt Improv from Sarah in Edinburgh I can thoroughly recommend her courses. If you are in Guernsey and have interest in starting improv, or brushing up old skills, get along there!!'

Tristan Boscher - Guernsey
'Unleash your creativity and imagination by joining Improbables Guernsey, our first course in the Autumn was thoroughly enjoyable, Wednesday nights became a highlight of the week, initially scary just making theatre up on the spot but the course gives a great insight into the techniques and templates of improvised drama and once you learn that anything goes and you must go with it, you're in for a fantastic time! Having performed scripted drama for 20 years there was nothing more nerve wrecking than getting up in front of a packed audience and not having a clue what was going to come from our collective minds to amuse and entertain, such an adrenalin filled thrill and I cannot wait to do it again!'